Welcome to, a place where you can create rich looking covers like a pro without having to start from scratch.A simple way to start off here on is to show you the tool, the ingredients and  a very simple technique.

Let’s begin!

#1 Coverich Editor – The Tool

Coverich Editor is the online editor tool built on html5 canvas which runs on all major browsers and is the primary tool used here to create covers. If you run a WordPress blog, you can download the Coverich Editor plugin and install it on your blog.

#2 Components – The Ingredients

The ingredients consists of ready made visual components which include backgrounds, shapes, formatted text, icons, etc. Simply lookout for  the “Get Code” buttons for “the ingredients” when browsing this site.

#3 Import Components – The Method

The key feature of the Coverich Editor is the ability to import components you find on this site into the editor. This method of importing the visual components is done by simply copying and pasting the code of the component.

Copy using the “Get Code” buttons on this site.

Paste the copied code into the editor.

Some Usage Tips

  • There are some limitations where you use the coverich editor on this site. The online coverich editor on this site is meant to publish and show visual components which are available for import via “The Technique” described above. So while no login is required it comes with the following limitations:-
    • No saving of canvas
    • No uploading of image to be included on the canvas
    • Limited fonts
Note: These limitations do not apply when you use Coverich Editor as a plugin in WordPress.
  • You may already be using a graphic editor with which you’re comfortable with. You can still use alongside your favorite editor. There are visual components you can modify in the online editor found here. Download the component as an image and use it in your graphic editor.
  • Covers are not limited to social media platform images. If you are create Microsoft Office documents like Power Point, you may need some ready made backgrounds or simple illustrations to spruce up the looks of your presentation.  Coverich is the go to resource for bite sized design elements.