Coverich Editor
The Editor is available on WordPress as a plugin. Create rich looking cover images and deliver powerful visual content right from your WordPress site.

Images Editor for WordPress

Coverich works inside WordPress as a plugin. Conveniently generate the canvas image to the Media Library for immediate use in your posts.

Design Covers Once and For All

Design covers on the special template slide once. For all the different social media covers you need, simply insert additional image slides with the right dimension.

Cover Templates

Ready made templates help you create covers quickly without having to design them from scratch. Browse and download free templates on this website and import them into Coverich Editor.

Addon Extensions

Coverich was designed for extensibility. Addon modules are available and can be easily installed to extend the functionality of the editor.

Share Canvas Easily

Export canvas to a zip file and import it on any WordPress blog running Coverich Editor. Share Coverich canvases by passing around exported zip file.

Download and install Coverich on your WordPress site FREE!

Start creating cover images like a pro today.